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Why "Flux?"

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river, and he's not the same man."

                 - Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher,  c.500BC


He was speaking of a constant state of movement and growth; evolution in things, that all things are in flux.  This is the inspiration behind my food, in that, it is always evolving.   - Chef Anthony Gans, c.2005


As a self taught chef, I am inspired 

by all things that affect the senses:



= Color, Shape and Light



= Unique Flavor Combinations



= Texture, how food feels on the palate



= Music, intangible and transporting



= Environment, herbs, spices and flora


My focus is all about creating something delicious and unique to eat,

in an atmosphere that compliments it.


"We eat not to fill our stomach, but to fill our soul."



Chef Bio 

Self-taught chef, Anthony Gans has been in the culinary industry for over 25 years. He began his career working Front-of-the-House, meaning everything from busboy, food runner, server, bartender, banquet manager, maitre d’ to restaurant manager. During this time, he saw so much beautiful and wondrous food go by, he just had to know how it was made. Starting with Italian food, he began making fresh pastas, breads, biscotti and numerous main dishes until another cuisine sparked his interest: Mexican. This began his love for fresh and inspired gourmet salsas and tamales, all beautifully wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. Asian cuisine has always held a deep interest for him, as well. Thai, Japanese and Indonesian to name a few.  Most recently his interests have leaned toward Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. Raised in Los Angeles, in a family of artists and art lovers, Chef Anthony will apply his artistic palette to suit his culinary palate. His food is always highly colorful and beautifully presented, not to mention delicious to taste!

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