Indonesia. Africa. Central America. Hawaii. Jamaica. India. Nepal. Mexico. 

Vietnam. Bali. Laos. Brazil.


Only the select few have known about this.


Chef Anthony roasts fresh coffee beans.


Raw, green, fermented beans, 

purposefully selected from around the world...

Distinctly roasted, evolving into a deep and rich,

overwhelmingly delicious cup of coffee.


There's really nothing quite like 

a fresh brewed cup of coffee, 

especially when it comes from 

organic, fresh roasted coffee beans.


That stuff you buy at the store?

There's a huge difference.

It's not even in the same

Universal Reality.

You'll know when you taste it. 


How do you describe the taste of coffee?


Chocolate. Caramel. Roasted nuts. Maple. Vanilla. 

Tobacco.Woody. Floral. Citrusy.


It can be any, some, or all of the above. 

It's very subjective.

Here's the deal.


Each month, we'll have something new for you to try.

As far as the roast goes, I usually roast everything to Full City Roast, which is definitely dark, but not as black as a French Roast.


It's always whole bean, unless

you make a special request.

I may have some nice decafs

as well, just ask.


The best way to do it, is to have Chef Anthony select for you. He knows what's good.


$12.50/half pound

$25/one pound

Shipping is free after $25.


The selection is always changing 

due to availability. 

You can always put in a request,

and Chef Anthony will do his best 

to make it happen.


One thing is for sure, you won't be disappointed.


It'll always be special.


With cupping notes and flavor profile.


India Mysore Nuggets

Bakers chocolate, graham cracker, and nutmeg.

El Salvador Las Frutas

Brown sugar, cherry, and green apple.

Rwanda Maboro

Peach, berries, and black tea.

Costa Rica Black Honey

Dried cherry, buttercream icing and dark chocolate.

Hawaii Maui Estate

Floral aroma, dark malt and chocolate tones.

Dominican Republic Red Honey

Vanilla, nuts, strawberry and stone fruit.

Bolivia Caranavi/Apolo

Chocolate, clean citrus, tangerine and caramel.