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August 2021

Dish Of The Month


Garlic Prawns with Andouille Sausage, Sautéed Spinach and Crispy Cheddar Grits Cakes.

Golden fried  sharp cheddar grits Cakes sit atop a bed of warm, sautéed lemon zested spinach, and is gently surrounded by a swath of sharp cheddar cream sauce. Delicately placed on top of the grits cakes are three, juicy and delicious garlic sautéed prawns, and a slice of andouille sausage. This dish gives you the crispy outside bite from the grits cakes, and a warm smooth, cheesy interior.The andouille sausage adds just a hint of meaty smokiness. And the prawns... Well, who can resist garlic prawns?

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